Short Term Rehabilitation

What is our mission?
We are devoted to seeing our patients recover to their prior level of functioning and transition safely back home into the activities of everyday life. We accomplish this goal by creating an environment where patients can thrive and receive the highest level of rehabilitative care.

What sets us apart?
Legacy Heights Health and Rehabilitation specializes in short term care. From the beginning of your stay our team develops a customized recovery plan.  Our therapeutic methods include the latest techniques and advances.

What types of rehabilitation therapy do we offer?
We cover all aspects of rehabilitative care including a comprehensive therapy program designed for strengthening, balance training, pain reduction, wound healing, and range of motion improvements. Our physical therapists assist patients in rebuilding strength and balance.  Our occupational therapy program improves patients’ ability to perform everyday tasks, and Speech Pathologists work with patients to develop speech, swallowing, and cognitive abilities. Patients may receive therapy 5-6 days per week depending on the physician’s treatment order.